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Wood Furniture Trends 2023

Marquetry is a traditional woodworking technique that involves creating beautiful patterns and designs with thin veneers or layers of wood. This noble technique is making a big comeback, and interior designers are using it to bring an artistic touch to furniture pieces that could otherwise have been fabricated from plastic or synthetic materials. ‘Antique Design’ […]

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Roomstyler Vs 3Dream

Roomstyler is a virtual interior design tool that allows users to create three-dimensional models of rooms and other spaces. It can be used by both professional interior designers and home enthusiasts. Its intuitive interface and simple tools make it easy for users to create unique designs that reflect their personality. It also allows users to […]

Buying a Wall Lamp With Switch at 1stDibs

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a space. Not only can it brighten up a bare wall or illuminate a dark corner, but it can also establish the mood you want to convey in a room and highlight your signature design style. Whether you’re going for a moody or luminous feel, thoughtfully […]

Choosing Table Lamp Bases and Shades

Table lamps can help add layers of illumination to a room, working alongside pendants and sconces to create different moods in the space. But it’s also important to consider what type of material you choose for the base and shade, as different materials can help bring out the best in your design style. Glass is […]

How To Determine How Many Lumens For Pendant Lights

Whether you are looking for LED lights or traditional incandescent bulbs, knowing how many lumens you need is an important part of selecting the right type of lighting. This calculation will allow you to choose fixtures that offer the proper level of brightness without overloading your space. How to determine how many lumens you need […]