100 Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Whether you’re planning a quick facelift or a full kitchen remodel it pays to put some thought into how you’ll arrange your cabinets, appliances and workspaces. While the layout may not be as exciting as picking a cabinet style or color it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your new kitchen. To help you get started we’ve pulled together this gallery of 100 kitchen design ideas from across the country to give your space the perfect fit.

Open plan is the new normal – but for small kitchens it can be tricky to distinguish cooking, dining and relaxing spaces. The key is to use partial partitions or full-length windows to create separate zones without sacrificing the sense of light and airiness that open plan brings. For example, a large window behind the sink and cooker can be dressed with slatted curtains or Crittall doors to act as a divide while still giving a sense of connection.

A classic galley layout is a fantastic option for both very small kitchens and larger ones. The arrangement is all about creating an efficient work triangle between the sink, fridge and stove. Each leg of the triangle should be four to nine feet long for maximum efficiency. For smaller spaces it’s often necessary to use a single-wall galley layout with double-stacked cupboards to keep the floor clear.

When it comes to kitchen tiles, a plainer finish will work best in a small kitchen, as patterns can overwhelm the space. Instead, opt for a matt finish in neutral tones or even a gloss tile which has the added benefit of reflecting light to brighten up a small room. This is especially useful in the kitchen backsplash area where a bolder finish might be too busy.

Bold colors can be great in the kitchen, but if you have a small space it’s worth opting for a simple layout and keeping the walls free from upper cabinetry. This allows the wall paint to take center stage and makes a big impact.

Homeowners of this traditional Georgian kitchen enlisted designer Margaret Kirkland to infuse warmth and youthfulness into the space with green soapstone counters, a weathered copper vent hood and this striking blue subway tile. She kept the rest of the palette subdued with bark brown stain on the cabinets and driftwood gray for the lowers.

The addition of a bespoke breakfast bar makes this kitchen the ultimate family-friendly room. Open shelving is a good way to show off pretty servingware or cook books in the galley layout while keeping your main storage free from clutter.

When it comes to lighting, a clever scheme can hide a multitude of sins – from making a small room feel bigger to disguising gloomy architecture or compensating for poor natural light. Look for statement pendants hung over an island, breakfast bar or peninsula to create a focal point that’s both functional and stylish.

A well-organized pantry is a godsend in a small kitchen. To maximize storage in a narrow area, use a combination of cabinets and shelves with a mix of solid fronted and glass-front cupboards. Homeowners of this kitchen used the latter to showcase their inherited ceramic collection, while keeping their everyday utensils and serve ware within easy reach.

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