Lighting Trends 2023 UK

lighting trends 2023 uk

Lighting miilighting trends 2023 uk are set to make an impact on interior design in the coming year, from statement pendants that challenge the traditional to sculptural light fittings that create show-stopping focal points. It’s easy to light up a room with a single bulb and it can look flat, but combining multiple lights in varying shapes and sizes adds dimension and interest to any space.

Trendy lighting designs are not only beautiful, they’re also energy efficient and easy to control via a smart device. The technology enables you to program different light scenes to suit your mood or activity and even schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times.

Natural Materials & Eco-Friendly Options

In 2023, the use of natural and sustainable materials continues to be an important design trend. The focus on a greener lifestyle is increasingly prevalent in all areas of home design, and lighting fixtures are no exception. Rather than opting for industrial styles, designers are choosing to incorporate more natural materials like wood, rattan and bamboo.

Natural materials, combined with organic shapes, will be key in the evolution of 2023 lighting designs. Whether it’s pendants with resembling flowers or glass shades that resemble drops of water, the aesthetic is nature-inspired and evokes feelings of a sense of harmony.

Integrated LED lights are a popular design option for lighting designers. They’re able to mimic the appearance of traditional incandescent bulbs but with modern efficiency and longevity. They’re ideal for integrating into furniture, or for use in a sculptural lighting fixture that features an LED array built right into its design.

Curved Design & Whimsical Shapes

The use of curved designs is another key trend for lighting in 2023, especially for living rooms and dining spaces. Often used as accents in accessories and furniture, these rounded pieces are perfect for softening a room’s angular lines and balancing the overall style of a design scheme.

A curved light can also be used to create an interesting effect in a hallway design, directing guests’ eyes upwards and creating a more welcoming and sophisticated feel for the space. It also works well in a kitchen, as its angular shape can complement an up and over skylight without causing the area to look too over-complicated.

Black Shades & Chandeliers are on the rise

If you’re looking for a bold statement light for your home, black lighting is definitely one to consider. It’s an eye-catching way to light a room, but it can also work well with other colours in a monochrome scheme or as part of an eclectic living room decor.

For a more elegant look, try a chandelier in a textured or smooth finish. These are the perfect choice for those who want a touch of glam, but don’t want to break the bank.

Glass & Opaque Orbs

Throughout the year, opaque glass orbs have become more popular as a design option for many light fixtures. The opal and ribbed varieties are ideal for adding subtlety to contemporary black fittings, balancing the effect with their softness.

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