Modern Style Earrings – Chic, Edgy and On-Track

modern style earrings

If you are looking to add a bit of glam and sparkle to your outfit, modern style earrings are the perfect addition. They are the perfect combination of chic, edgy and on-trend, meaning you can easily turn a simple daytime look into a showstopper without a lot of effort.

The type of earrings you wear can help to enhance your facial features and hair length, so make sure to take this into account when choosing a new pair. You can go for a dainty and discreet touch of shimmer, or add some edgy pizazz with a dangling pair that moves as you move.

Cluster earrings are a great option if you want to add some extra flare and razzle-dazzle to your outfit. These earrings are a little more dramatic than studs and come in an array of styles from simple chains to tassels, to ornate gem-adorned designs.

Dangle earrings are a more dramatic version of drop earrings, which hang below the earlobe and come with a little movement, so they give you a bit of flair-ier pizazz too! They can be very long, reaching down to the shoulder or even the collarbone.

Threader Earrings are a more contemporary trend that extends beyond the earlobe, but doesn’t hang as high. They’re often made with colorful gemstones or adorned with motifs inspired by the Star Trek series (the earrings that these characters wear are named after them).

Leverback Earrings are a more contemporary type of earring that hooks through a piercing and fastens by pushing the lever at the base of the earring closed. The lever moves on a hinge and is easy to open and shut, but it stays securely fastened while worn.

The type of earring back you choose can also have an effect on the style and feel of your earring, as well as the way they hold together when worn. A hoop that is secure yet dangling is easier to put on than a cuff that doesn’t have any backings.

Clip-on earrings are non pierced pieces that can be worn by both adults and children. These are an ideal choice for younger girls or women who don’t have pierced ears, but still want to accessorize their outfits with a chic accessory.

These earring backs are typically made of metal and can be either a hinged, clip on type or a push-on style with a curved wire. Both have a backing that keeps the piece from falling off or coming loose, but they are less likely to cause damage than other types of earring backs.

Hoops have been an all-time favorite in the world of jewelry, but this trend has been around for a few centuries. During the free love and feminism movements in the ’60s and ’70s, hoops began to make their way into designer collections again and have been a staple in women’s jewellery wardrobes ever since.

Today, hoops are a favorite of both men and women and have been seen in all sorts of styles and designs from chunky to bold to minimalist. They are also a versatile piece in the jewelry closet and work well with both traditional and modern styles of clothing. They can be worn with a slouchy or fitted look, and are great for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit.

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